Mia Oliver

Nurse, nature lover, people lover, who recently moved to Boulder! I am loving every minute, and was so excited to bring this helpful, healing hand and body crème to share with my new surroundings!

Shepherd’s friend hand crème and I go way back. My amazing Mom, shepherd, fiber artist, teacher, and friend has shared with me her secret recipe for hard working hands!

On our family farm in Brookfield, New York, my mom Maggie used the Cuisinart that I gave her for her birthday to make what we have all come to love, Shepherds Friend Hand Crème.

Our unrefined, shea butter based, all natural, aromatic hand crème is not your water based, short lasting moisturizer. This crème will leave your skin feeling soft, nourished, and healed, all while relaxing you with it’s aromatic, lavender scent!

All of our jars are made with much love, by me, in Boulder.

Winters are long and rough in New York on the farm, as well as in the mountains out west. We needed something to keep our skin soft and safe!

This crème was the number one choice by myself and all of my hospital colleagues, after our hands were destroyed with hand sanitizer and harsh soap and water. Shepherd’s friend is long lasting, and will not wash off with every rinse!

Even working in medicine, I make no medical claims, but many patients have had much success after using this crème for severely dry skin caused by ailments and treatments alike. We do not have any harsh chemicals or preservatives in our crème, and love to use this on rashes, bug bites, scars, blisters, elbows, and heels as well as our hands! Place this crème on your heels at bedtime at night with some socks, and wake up to soft skin that was transformed while you sleep!

This is not a beauty counter fancy crème, this is a thick, people tested, home made hand crème that does what it is set out to do, heal you!

For those of you who have seen the movie, “My Big Fat Greek Wedding”, I often say that this is like the all – fixer Windex, in a hand crème!